And today it's back to work

And today it's the first day of work for the new year today.

I went into the office yesterday just to check the mail and clean up some stuff that was lying around.

It felt weird let me tell you!

I have had two weeks off and have for once not sat on my phone or computer working away.

I think that when you try to take time off when people are working normal hours as we did in late November early December, you never really get the freedom from clients.

During the time off I have done a huge amount around the apartment, having built the new lounge area on the roof, done some re-arranging of stuff and done some painting.

All physical tasks which get me active and again away from the computer.

I have decided tat I will do one major physical task every month around the apartment.

This month it will be to make all the cushions for the lounge area I built.

Next month will be the new wall in the spare room;

Installing all the in ceiling speakers through the levels of the apartment so we can have piped music in all rooms and the roof)

The month after that will be building new under the stairs easy access storage

and the list goes on.

I had forgotten just how much I like to do physical stuff and how much satisfaction and stress relief it gives me too.

Today will mainly be a day of forward planning and talking to staff, clients and partners to work out the business year.

Even though there are signs that economically this year is going to be tough for the economy, I have a feeling this year is going to be a spectacular year for us and my company!

So welcome back to your work year and good luck!