Do they have a right to privacy?

The people and companies who donated more than $100 to have the anti- gay Proposition 8 enacted are crying invasion of privacy.

The donors names and addresses are all public under the law that states any Donor over $100 in California must be made public.

And the people have been subjected to harassment through the web, protests at their workplaces and in some cases boycotts of their businesses.

They are also now starting to fight back and try to undermine one of the basic underpinnings of political donations, transparency.

Whilst they have no problem taking other people's rights away, they want special rights to protect them from their 'invasion of privacy'.

They want the names of political donors to be kept private sch as theirs to stop what they believe is an invasion of their privacy and a subversion of their rights to free speech.

What a crock of shit!

Even more ironic is they are seeking to overturn Proposition 9, which was enacted to make political donations transparent.

To these people I say, "If you can't stand up and visibly say what you believe and instead want to subvert democracy without the consequence, then you don't want a democracy, you want a dictatorship'.