It's nice to know New Mardi Gras listens

Following on from an article over the weekend that suggested Mardi Gras would move out to Homebush and away from Oxford Street I sent an email to New Mardi Gras.

To my surprise I received a response today from the chair of Mardi Gras.

So Thanks New Mardi Gras!

Hi Drew.

Thanks for your email.

The article that appeared on the weekend and which has now spread rapidly through to various publications took a couple of comments made by Anna and myself, and stretched them to make a paper-selling controversial story.

Don't be alarmed, we're not intending to move anything from where it currently is!

We are in fact negotiating with the City of Sydney to move our own offices to a City-owned building on Oxford Street after this season.


And Happy Mardi Gras!


David Imrie
New Mardi Gras Ltd
Phone 02 9568 8600

Message: Hi,

I am very against any move of the Mardi Gras Party or Parade from Oxford
Street / Fox Studios.

If we allow our selves to be pushed out of Oxford street we are essentially
giving up on our history and we are giving up on the one area of Sydney that
still has some resemblance of community.

Rather than even entertaining the idea of this New Mardi Gras should be
looking at ways to reclaim Oxford street as a queer area that is safe for people
to be.