Judge Rules in Favor of disclosing donors to Proposition 8

In the ongoing tousle to keep private people who donated to support Proposition 8 in California, a Federal Judge has ruled that their privacy is not guaranteed. And their names and address should be made public.

The ruling stated that this was a political campaign donation just like a donation to a politicians campaign and must be made public.

Personally I don't have a problem with picketing , boycotting and ridiculing someone who gave money to TAKE AWAY same sex rights.

It's their right to donate, and it's our rights to protest against this and so such things as boycott their businesses.

I do find it laughable that the religious right uses boycotts and pickets constantly against pro-gay organisations but get upset when the tables are turned!

Anyway there is this really cool website which shoes on a Google Map mash up exactly where the donors live.

In my mind it's fair and just if you donate to something especially something like this which is just hateful you should expect the people whom rights you take away to rise up against you!