Working all the time

All I seem to be doing right now is working and stressing.

I am doing other stuff, like having random friends for dinner and going to the gym, but apart from that it's just work.

Like all small businesses in Australia I think we are being totally spooked by the doom and gloom of the GFC. But like most small business instead of seeing the downturn we are all working harder than ever.

It is paradoxical I suppose that whilst large companies are posting their worst ever profit and losses small companies are picking up the slack.

It's a balancing act, on the one hand there is lots of work coming in now for us which means we are all working like Lemmings.

But of course I am stressed out about cash flow in 3 months, 6 months etc.

It means though that I feel guilty if I am not working all the time and making sure that we get the clients in and done as rapidly as possible.

On the upside it does mean that business is good

Oh life is so paradoxical!