The Gym and Fitness

In all of the work and stress I have had my gym and fitness have suffered greatly.

Not withstanding the fact that I am totally exhausted by the time I finish work and have tended to work minimum 12 hour days for 6 - 7 days a week this year I have also had a nagging shoulder injury since the beginning of the year.

My shoulder and arm have been giving me no end of pain and trouble.

At first the physio and my trainer thought it was a rotater cuff injury, because of the location and the lack of movement in the shoulder.

But after about 6 weeks of physio the rotater cuff is now fully mobile and I have been laying off the gym.

I am now suspecting that it's a combination of repetitive strain injury caused by working on the computer too much AND walking the beagle.

The latter being the more likely answer as the beagle is certainly not well behaved when she walks and pulls and stops and generally yanks me and my arm / shoulder around considerably.

So best way to discover whether this is the cause is to quite simply stop using my right arm to walk the dog and use my left instead.

I have another physio appointment in the morning and will discuss with the cute physio Ben then.

So the long and the short of it is I have not really worked out properly in about 6 - 8 weeks and I can feel the difference (and see too).

I have been told though that until the shoulder has stopped being painful and all the swelling goes down I do have to watch it and do exercises that do not involve or inflame my shoulder / arm.

Sure I go and do cardio every now and then but without being able to workout any upper body parts it kind of feels hollow

But I am very hopeful that the change in walking hand will work...