It's been a while dear blog

It's been a long while since I last blogged, mainly due to the lack of time to actually sit down and not be working.

The financial crisis the world is facing has made me quite stressed, I do tend to personalise and internalise things that I perceive as a threat to my security. Even though work has been growing in leaps and bounds I don't so much worry about today, I tend to worry about tomorrow and the day after.

On the work front we are busier than we have ever been and I am now starting to seriously plan (and look for) a new staff member to take up some of the workload that is coming our way.

It's funny, this time last year I was in much the same sort of panic about putting on another staff member. Worrying about whether we can afford them long term and whether they will be good for the business or bad.

The boy and I were talking about this last night in fact and I had forgotten that I pontificated for weeks and weeks on the relative merits of putting a new person on.

As a new older friend who has run his own business pointed out to me, sometimes you just have to be gung ho about these things and stop being overly conservative.

I did point out that it's in my nature to be conservative, both work wise and in many aspects of my life, again where it affects my perceived security. And my sense of security is partially about my financial stability and security.

In some ways I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur, in my mind an entrepreneur is supposed to the 'big swinging dick' and supposed to be totally gung ho about risks.

I am far more middle of the road about such things, AND I am certainly not the sort of person who is aggressive to people or bullies them to get their way.

But then on the other hand, as well as being ethical and fair I am aggressive in getting what I want and meeting my goals.

Which is I suppose is the point here.

I seem to have lost site of my goals with business.

Am I seeking to build a 'nice little earner' that makes me a good solid secure (or as secure as business can ever be) income?

Or am I seeking to go all for broke and potentially make a huge pile of cash?

Or is there something in between with all of this.

I need to dust off the old business and life plan and update it with some new goals and place some new strategies in place and get back on track.

I need to stop being reactive to the world and be proactive and know what I am wanting to achieve.

So my blog buddies, there it is a long winding post to get to the point of my understanding, that I need to re set my goals and objectives