So much going on

The past month, start to the year has just been incredibly busy with work.

While the economy is going to shut in big business, in the small business market things have never been so bouyant. All of my small business clients are spending money and spending it with us it seems.

Although there is a general feeling of worry, worry about where the economy is heading and how this will affect the small business market.

It's a stressful time but I think that even though things will get a lot worse it's also a time of potential growth for some sectors.

In between working 12 hour days 7 days a week there has also been a whole lot of fun too.

Mardi GRAS was lots of fun and the toybox party was just plain amazing too.

We also went to Olympic diver matt mitcham's 21st birthday party last week which was interesting. Only a small party with a heap of people we knew and some we didn't too.

I think like most Sydney boys the next couple of weeks / months will be relatively low key as everyone recovers from all the excesses and gets back into the normalcy of life.

So here's to the rest of the year!