Badly Torn

I am badly torn at the moment.

There is a rescue beagle at an animal shelter in Sydney that desperately needs a home.

He is somewhere between 1 - 2 years old, has no microchip and if he does not get a home in the next 24 hours will be euthanized.

I am desperately torn by this, on the one hand I would love another beagle friend for Lucy our beagle, and there is this small rather cute beagle that needs to be rescued from death row.

But there are so many reasons why we can't.

Logistically it would be difficult as we have a two seater car.

There is the question as to how Lucy would cope with a 1 or 2 year old dog coming into her house.

Because it's a rescue dog we have no real idea of what the temperament of the dog is like.

I am so torn by this and have been tossing and turning all damn night.

There are so many reasons not to but there is just one big reason to do.