Changes to the site and blog

I have been seriously considering changing the way this site works.

It has been such a long time since I actually added content to the site other than this blog (in fact almost two years).

The site was started so many years ago the purpose of the site is almost non existent or at least my motivation for doing so is at an end really.

What I am planning to do is to transfer the blog and make it the focus of the site.

I will also have the site redesigned so it really is just my blog.

All the content will stay where it is, because there are thousands of pages all listed on the search engines.

I will close the members section as it has no really had any use in years and years and I will no longer accept any new stories etc.

When I started Superdrewby there were literally no websites for gay youth, and online dating was in it's absolute infancy.

But over the last ten years so many millions of websites have sprung up that have taken it's place.

So Superdrewby will just become my personal blog which is what the site has become anyway.

It will take me a few weeks to make all the changes and then I will have to get people to update their links to the blog.

In some ways it will be sad to see it go from it's current form, but websites are not supposed to stay languishing and should change and adapt t the times.

So this is it the final few weeks of in it's current form.