Miss California and the Gay Marriage Debate

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have heard, seen or read about the Miss California response to Perez Hilton's question on Gay Marriage.

I like many other people find this rather amusing.

Yes I agree with Perez that she is a 'dumb bitch' and should have been far more diplomatic in her answer.

Gay Marriage is a contentious issue, and her response was plain and simple bigoted and showed that she does not represent contemporary American society.

More and more studies are finding that society is coming around to the concept of same sex equality.

Could you imagine if the question asked was instead:

Do you think that black people should have the vote?

Her response would have been of course, that's just ridiculous.

But years ago in America people used religion as a way to stop Black people from voting.

Australia like America is supposedly a secular country, and marriage is a legal definition not a religious definition. It's simple that marriage equality is a civil legal right, not a religious issue.

I was really saddened to read Shannon's post on Gay Marriage, as I was surprised that a young gay man in today's society would not support the equality of recognising same sex relationships.

By for the biggest hurdle that there seems to be in getting the equality is the linkage between marriage and religion.

There is no legal link full stop.

Marriage is pure and simple a legal contract between two people, there are both secular and non secular ceremonies that people undertake, but this does not marry them.

The legal marriage is not conducted until the couple signs a marriage contract which is a legally binding contract.

Personally I think that the hoopla surrounding the Miss California answer is fantastic, and her protestations that she lost because of that awful homosexual asking an unfair question is quite plainly fanciful.

She lost because her answer was a bad answer of a contentious and potentially divisive issue.

She is entitled to her own beliefs, but she should have toned down her Bible Thumping is she wanted to win.