Short Week

It's a short week thank goodness and I am not really in the mood for work at all, I need a break, but hey we don't always get what we want!

On a nice note though I love this time of year in the early morning.

The mornings are cool but not cold and in Sydney over the harbour we have a lot of fog that settles in and gently swirls around.

It's just beautiful and it makes me feel so safe and content - who knows why!

We had a madly busy weekend, going to parties, clubs, recovery parties and even throwing a tiny impromptu spa party on our roof on Saturday.

I think this week will most likely be a bit of a struggle, but the fun we had all week is well worth it!

So here's to a great week.

Oh and the change over to this site should happen this week, I just need to get some time to redesign the template for the blog and change over the old site template.

*note I didn't take the image - it's a stock image.