What is it with people we meet doing porn?

Of late we seemed to have met a whole lot of new people at parties and through other friends.

I love meeting new people even if I haven't really had a lot of time to actually follow up with making more than a party chat with work taking so much of my time up.

I am amazed by the amount of guys who have done or are doing porn.

I can count more than 5 this year alone!
* and yes we know one of the boys in the picture above...

I asked a friend about this and they suggested that it's just the people we are meeting.

I have a totally different perspective on this though.

Almost all of these guys are in their early twenties are are all Gen Y, they have grown up with the web and sites like xtube, gaydar, dudesnude etc where posting totally naked pictures and videos of yourself is totally normal.

Is there really a difference between getting your kit off on adating website or video sharing site like xtube and appearing in paid for 'amateur gay porn'?

Personally I just couldn't do it, but I'm the oldy who has never actually had a naked picture of myself, I am just to squeamish for it.

But if you are going to get your kit off you may as well get paid for it I suppose.

What do other people think about this?

Would you do porn?

Do you have naked pictures of yourself online even if they are 'private pictures'.

It's not for me but I do think that the whole concept of privacy and body modesty is slightly outdated in today's society.

I definitely have an exhibitionist streak in me - all my friends know that so I am certainly not prudish, I am more curious...