Work Free Weekend

For the first weekend in a while I did little to no work.

I decided that after my epic start to the year I would do no work for the weekend.

F*** it was difficult!

I started by watching some cable TV, but there is only so much you can watch before your mind turns to mush.

I read some books, but all I have in the pile of unread books are business related books LOL and they were making me 'think' of things I could do for work so I stopped.

I walked the dog multiple times, I went to the gym and went to out to brunch / lunch drinks etc.

Problem is I enjoy working LOL!

This week is going to be good, have lots to do and lots to achieve.

After my post on setting goals a week or so back, I have set my goals for the business and started to reset my goals too.

There are some specific financial targets in place now for the business and staff have been told and motivated by being offered cash bonuses if we meet our targets.

And you know?

The old adage of unless you have a destination in mind you will be aimless and bored is true, I feel great!