Are Today's straigh teens just like gay men in terms of sex?

A really interesting opinion piece in this weekend's SMH talked about the changing attitudes of teens to sex.

Teens these days are having it seems multiple sex partners, group sex and basically almost anything goes.

Eve has been to parties where guys lined up for oral sex. A double standard can apply. "For the guys, there's a hero status.

Doesn't that sound just like a gay sex club or party?

Is it such a turn around from the abstinence only nonsense that the USA right wingers try and force down people's throats?

Or is this the same as what was going on ten / twenty years ago?

I certainly didn't end up at parties like the ones mentioned in the article.

Lara, 19, says group sex - usually spur-of-the-moment and alcohol-fuelled - is common at her university residences, where she has heard of anything from threesomes to encounters with up to a dozen people. "It's the whole dorm-living thing. It goes on a whole lot," she says. "Group sex is mainly involving three guys and a girl, but I have heard of up to nine or 10 guys and two girls … All scenarios are pretty much imaginable."

I wish I had but I was a conservative kid coming to terms with my sexuality experimenting with some select friends.

I do think that the explosion of information about sex through the Internet makes it far easier for teens to find out what the reality of sex is. It's no longer a taboo to talk about all sorts of sexual activities.

And if you have a particular fetish, other like minded people are just a mouse click away.

Once upon a time the wanton sexual escapades of gay men was considered to be filthy, these days we seem to be getting a run for our money from our straight teen counterparts!