Contemplating Moving to a MAC

I have been contemplating moving from a PC to a MAC for ages and ages.

Before the boy left his previous company we even bought a whole lot of employee software for MAC so I would have most of the software I need.

With the whole technical nightmares I have been having over the last few weeks and glacial pace at which my PC has been running the issue has come up again.

I love the stylishness of the Macbooks and I love the feel of them, but I am really wary of having to learn a totally new computer interface and the down time that this will provide.

I am thinking of the MacBook 2.0 GHZ 13.3 inch aluminium with 4GB Ram or the White MacBook with the same RAM, the $400 price difference for the aluminium vs white is something I can;t really work out.
When it comes down to the look, I actually prefer the white glossy finish than the aluminium, as I have had aluminium Sony Vaois for years and years.
My concerns all stem from two areas:
  1. Getting used to the new interface
  2. Running my normal programs via MAC.
I had considered running Boot Camp or something so I could dual boot the computer, but there is really only one application that I use with any regularity that I would have to buy as a MAC program and that's my business accounting package.
But since I am wanting to move from a desktop financial package to an online financial package that argument seems redundant.
The other option is to run my financial package on one of the many pcs in the office and get it of of my machine.
There is also the issue that this will force me to finally fix all the quirks in our software for running on MAC browsers which is a rather important and significant plus
Does anyone who reads my blog have any experience in moving from PC to MAC with things like transferring PST files for outlook?
And what about using all of my old PC files through USB drives, do they work fine with MAC?
I have some many USB storage devices that I don't want the issue if I do move.
One of the really big features I love about the mac is the fact that there are so many MAC stores which you can pretty much walk into with your MAC and just ask them for help.
I am pretty PC literate in many ways, but sometimes you need to know something out of the ordinary and you need an expert.
So any one care to give me some advice or thoughts here?
Especially about transferring PST files, video formats etc
*Sigh* you know the boy calls it like a dog going back to it's own vomit every time I walk by an apple store I always play with the MacBooks!
Maybe I should just pull my finger out and do it?