MAC Transition so far.....

There are some things that the MAC just seems to do seamlessly, like the whole set up process.

On the other hand even though I was promised converting my PC outlook mail would be easy, I have found it harder than expected.

I think part of the problem of course is that my email files run into the 5 GB range in about 6 separate files.

So far my old PC has been working for about 10 hours converting each email message into the required format, and I am yet to try and actually import these into Entourage yet.

I did manage to delete all my contacts in my iPhone by selecting the wrong settings, and I am hoping that they all come back once all of my emails and contacts are on the MAC properly, well either that or I will restore the iPhone from my PC.

I don't know whether it's the maxed out memory I had installed on the MAC or just the fact that it's not a PC but the web surfing experience is totally different.

Where on the PC things like Facebook would hang, be slow and jerky on MAC it's just seamless quick and easy to use.

I am going to have to learn all of the shortcut keys and get used to the keyboard, but I would have had the keyboard issue with almost any new computer really.

It's going to be a steep learning curve and I will blog more about my experiences as it happens