More MAC updates

I have now been using the MAC for a few days and I love it!

There has been lots and lots of stress as I get used to the new way of doing things, and the sometimes back to front ways in which the MAC works as opposed to the PC.

Overall though so far it is far superior to the PC in so many ways.

I haven't yet started to explore things like projects etc which is on my next task list to do.

A few interesting things though I found an amazing open source FTP application Filezilla which is so much better than anything I have used before.

It did take me a couple of hours to work out why some stuff was simply not working on it, but after I changed the settings it has all worked perfectly.

I also discovered a very cool open source code editor Smultron, which is just fantastic and after a bit of experience quite easier to use.

So more learning and more experience to go...