The price of security

I haven't blogged much in the last couple of weeks,

Oh yeah I haven't really blogged much this year, it's just been too busy and too full on with work.

But the last week and a half has truly taken the cake for stress.

My computer was infected with a Trojan that my Anti Virus Software did not pick up, and by the time I picked it up it had hijacked my browser and done all sorts of other nasty things.

I couldn't even update to a newer version of an Anti Virus software.

So for the second time this year I had to rebuild my PC and then uninfected all my files and lord knows what else.

It has just been a stressful nightmare and I am very pissed off that my AVG virus protection let it through.

I ended up using the latest Mcaffe software which whilst very secure and has already prevented my PC from being attacked again by the same Trojan.

But the downside is it makes my computer run so slowly.

It's the price of security I suppose.

If I want to download a large file it takes forever because the AV program scans the file as it's being downloaded to prevent nefarious scripts from being run.

I already have the maximum RAM my computer can handle so I am in a bind really. I need the Virus Scan active but I need the PC to run faster.

Why can't they write a AV program that works and doesn't make your PC run like a snail!