Be Careful what you wish for...

For ages and ages I have been coveting other office suites in my building, more natural light, better views, ability to open the windows and et the fresh air in.

Last week I swapped over offices to one across the atrium from mine with the most amazing of views and natural light.

It's fantastic, only one small hiccup.....

Now we need full length blinds because it gets too much sunlight LOL

Kidding aside it's great to be in an office with proper windows again, it feels so much better.

Work is busy still and I am just getting over the last of some disco flu from a few weeks back when we went out to the Frisky dance party!

I will never understand how running around for twelve hours on a freezing cold night wearing only a pair of jeans and not sleeping for a night almost always has me ending up with a head cold (and that is a joke).

I am working on a new gay porn site for a client this week which is rather interesting, we don't generally get such um er salubrious clients but it's all fun, even if I am having to make sure there is no naughty stuff on the site that will offend my staff heheheh

And as for the Utegate scandal, sheesh already would someone please get back to running the country!