On Getting Older

The march of time continues on us all, and up till a certain point we don't seem to care all that much.

Until a few years ago I could still pass for being in my twenties, something that I loved very much.

But the last few years has started to see my age actually catch up with me.

Call it stress or just the aging process but I am starting to look my age and I don't like it.

The face starts to sag and hair starts to disappear and more grey hairs start to appear.

The hair issue is a big one for me, short or cropped hair does not really suit me face (well I don't think so anyway) and I have been using both Rogaine and Propecia at different times to try and halt the loss of hair.

I am coming up to the six month mark on the Propecia (I stopped using Rogaine ages ago because it was too difficult to use).

I can see definite growth in the amount of hair n my head, and in fact can even see all the new hair that is growing as it is shorter than the normal hair.

According to the FAQs on Propecia you should start to see gains within three to s months if it is going to work for you, and I have.

As for how much hair growth i will get from Propecia is anyones guess, right now I am happy that it is working and more hair is growing.

In the long term there are  huge amount of other treatments like hair transplants etc from your own head or from other sources.

A few friends have tried Propecia over the years and have had some pretty major side effects, significantly a total loss of libido, something I have not had.

Other friends have opted for hair transplants where they have had hair follicles from the side of their heads transplanted to the crown of their head. From what  I have read on this and seen it can be pretty gruesome and painful, but it's nice to know it's there.

In the blue sky horizon there is also Stem Cell Research into male pattern baldness but it's a long way over the horizon.

To me hair is like the icing on the cake for a person.  I look at older photos of myself from ten years ago and see my thick hair and wish I had started Propecia then when the first signs of hair loss were apparent.

But coulda woulda is no real solution.

I really shoudl be more proactive on the face these days and get more facials and other treatments which can slow the visible signs of aging on my face (sounds like a moustuiriser advert doesn't it) LOL.

After watching all of these TV shows of people having tiny little face lifts, eye brow lifts etc it's tempting to do more research.

The only problem is once you start on something like that it's a slippery slope as you have to always have more and more over time.

I know friends who have had 'work' done, some good some bad and some so subtle it's hard to even tell.

One friend had a face lift a few years back because ' every time I looked in the mirror the face staring back at me was not the face I knew'.

Ah aging, I don't mind getting older I just don't want to look older, or older before my time.