The paintings have been chosen

So Rodney came around the the other night with the selection of new panels for the painting I commissioned.

After an insignificant amount of time I have chosen six to replace the ones that are a tad to risque for downstairs.

I did ask about the Milk panel as I was curious about the inspiration. Yes it was partially about Harvey Milk, but it was also inspired by another painting that was similar. I did do a google image search but didn't come up with much apart from some picture of a huge black dude fucking a 'milk' white women's ass - go figure that one.

In his blog Rodney has finally outlined what the entire piece is inspired by:

This is a composite of all the paintings that I've shown here and here. They'll never be exhibited in this way, but I thought it would be good to see what they could look like. All the paintings are found images or found text. The sources range from fine art to graffiti, advertising to comics, book covers, propaganda posters, stamps and quirky things I've seen around or read. They're not meant to stand alone as individual paintings, but as a group, like a row of posters pasted on a building site fence, or a rack of magazines in a newsagency. They reference the endless parade of images that we encounter in our media-saturated lives.


I really do think that Rodney should do more pieces like this because they are so commercially fun and hint hint, he could actually sell more of his fantastic work. Even if they are not as (to him) as creatively interesting as his other work. I reckon if he does this sort of stuff to pay the bills he can then us the proceeds to do the more interesting stuff he likes!