The Battle Lines are drawn

A fight is brewing in Australia as the Labor National Conference gets underway.

Gay Activists are pushing for Gay Marriage, whilst the Prime Minister has reiterated his opposition to Gay Marriage and has said that he will only support State based registers of same sex relationships.

I am huge advocate for Same Sex Marriage as a legal definition enshrined in law. It's not about religion it's about true and total equality.

Whilst I am an activist by nature and actions I am also realistic, and believe that the current fight is strategic rather then realistic.

I doubt very much that the current Government will enshrine Same Sex relationships in the marriage act.

But I do believe that we must continue to push for gay marriage as a strategic push so we can get incremental gains over the coming years to eventually achieve our goals.

It's a hugely controversial issue and is dividing the gay community, many of my gay friends simply do not want gay marriage. Some of them in relationships some of them not in relationships.

Small baby steps lead to walking and running, but for now it's more like the baby has tentatively walked and now is back crawling again.

I do think in 20 years time people will wonder how the government could be so discriminatory as same sex marriage and full legal equality is the norm.