Beavering away

All I seem to do is moan about how busy I am at the moment.

Yes I am busy but I really should stop moaning about it, as I tell my mother, If you want to get ahead in life you have to be prepared to work hard.

And I want to get ahead in life.

I am not really good at the while work like balance at the moment, working 7 days a week, starting early in the morning and finishing late.

But you know what?

I feel like I am achieving things not just now but for the future.

I am in the process of hiring a new part time telesales person and boy if that ain't a task and a half!

I have blogged about this before, the need for a part time sales person to call customers and sell them our products. One of the single most important skills is the ability to speak English.

Not a few fractured words, the actual honest to God ability to speak English.

In the first few days of having the job role online we received literally hundreds and hundreds of resumes.

Wading through them was pretty easy.

The number two requirement was experience in some sort of outbound sales roles.

So the three hundred or so resumes were reduced to about 50, of those 50 spelling mistakes and an obvious ability to write English reduced it to about 5.

Out of 5 two will be interviewed face to face, one had no phone manner and the other was looking for a full time role - again how does Part Time = Full Time?

You know I am fully aware of how hard a job market it is out there and how much people need work, but it's almost insulting to be auto sent some person's resume that has meets non of the criteria for my role.


Let's just hope that at least I do manage to find a new person who can perform.

And on totally, totally unrelated issues, I am fed up to death of the canonization of Michael jackson, yes he was a great performer and musician, but he was no saint and he was not a great man.

Ghandi was a great man.

Can we please just get over this, bury him and move on?