One of life's great ironies

In two days I will be 37 years old.

That's not a revelation in itself, unless you have not really met me and just chat to me as I run around at parties (often in my underwear).

I am constantly told that people think I am mid twenties which is extremely gratifying since all I can see in the mirror are the negatives.

But that's not the great irony.

Over the weekend we threw a rather large party from my birthday and ended up at friend's the next day for a recovery party with a very large number of 20, 21 year olds (they were friends of friends).

Apart from the age thing I keep on being told by my friends and people who do know me that I look amazing ad I must be working out so hard because I am looking so toned and tight.

Only one small problem

I haven't set foot in a gym in months.

I feel unhealthy, weak and generally lethargic.

It's ridiculous when I do work out really hard and I feel great, I don't get compliments, but when I haven't been to the gym in 6 months and have been working my ass off I get compliments.

So all I can work out is that what others view as a great body is a defined lean body.


I don't really give a crap I just want to feel good about my body