The renovations and decorating

The second bedroom has almost been completed all the walls and shutters are in and the furniture has been delivered as well.

In the end we decided to keep the room very minimal (like the rest of the apartment).

The room mainly gets used for:
  1. Dog's Bedroom
  2. Drying Washing
  3. Playing Xbox
  4. Guest Bedroom

In that order really so all I wanted in their was a nice unobtrusive sofa bed, a lamp and the low entertainment unit to hide the technology and rest the LCD screen on for when the boy disappears and goes killing things on XBOX Live LOL

The Sofa bed was custom made for me by a local store in Surry Hills, Dellis Furniture, If you need something you should give Spiro a call he did a great job of taking my basic ideas and having them made into a real sofa bed.

In fact I am so impressed with the way the sofa was made i am thinking of having a Bed Base and Bed Head made to the specification I would like.

But that will have to wait a while.

The lamp chosen is a copy of the famous shadow lamp which looks fantastic and casts a lovely soft golden glow across the room.

Interestingly when I posted the picture to my FaceBook account last night a friend also commented on the artwork on the wall a Caroline Numina from the Northern Territory.

It's a great artwork and on doing some Google searches about her discovered that the prices of her work in galleries has increased by more than 10 times in the last few months!


So next on my list of items to finish in the apartment is the new door to the spare room, the skirting boards and a roof for the downstairs balcony.

The bed will do for now, but I am thinking of using the winter sales to get some quality pots, planters and plants for the upstairs roof terrace.

We don't use it much in winter because it's too cold, but with the winter sales on for stuff like that it would be silly to wait till summer and pay full price.

Apart from the painting needed, downstairs is done and looks perfect, so it's no just the few small things to complete.

Knowing us though we will probably end up selling as soon as I have finished decorating and I will never get to live in a fully decorated apartment heheheh

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