Revisiting old memories

Yesterday afternoon I revisited the story I started writing nearly eleven years ago, Life At a Private School.

I still get countless emails every month asking me if I will ever finish the story and from people who have been touched by reading it.

Well I have finally started writing the final chapters again.

It's a bit strange really starting to to write again after so many years of not writing this story.

I wrote half a chapter last night and even though I had the synopsis of the chapter planned out the story took on a life of it's own again and I wrote something different to what I had meant to.

It's strange but Tim and Josh's story seems to have a life of it's own and the story just seems to come out of it's accord.

I had to re-read the story myself to remind myself all the things I had written, yes I knew the basic story and in my head I have the rest of the plot laid out but many of the nuances, turns and plot twists I had quite forgotten.

117 pages later and thousands of grammatical, spelling and other errors, I am ready again to finish the story while the boy is away in Canada.

I have six chapters to go to finish this story and finally give people the resolution that they have been asking for for the last 6 years since I wrote the last chapter.

It was weird reading the story, I found myself going back to all of those feelings in my own head that I was feeling as I wrote the story to begin with.

When I write fiction I tend to try and put myself in each of the characters heads and see what they are feeling and describe those feelings.

But I am not the same person I was when I started writing the story, so there has always been the fear that the writing and the emotion in the story will be substantially different and readers will notice this change in style.

but none the less I will now at the very least finish the story even if the last few chapters are written with a different style.

So there we are a non work task for the next couple of weeks!