slightly withdrawn and tired

I must sound like a broken record by now, so I will not mention my work load.

Needless to say work is busy!

The boy is away in Canada for almost two weeks, having left on Sunday for a work trip.

It's always strange when he's away, so much of our lives are wrapped around each other and I am such a routine person.

The first few nights are always the toughest when he goes away, the bed is empty and the apartment is quiet.

But I still find myself going to make coffee in the morning for two, and when I make my dinner at night I have to remind myself not to cook for two.

I even found myself getting out two sets of plates and cutlery.


I have now finsihed about 3/4 of the next chapter of Life at a private School, trying to fnd time when I am not tired or not working is aways a challenge for me. But I am enjoying my word of Tim and Josh.

It's funny how much I am enjoying writing again, doing something non technical, no work related.

Hopefully I will get at least one chapter if not two chapters finished this week.

I can't decide whether to publish the new chapters straight away or wait till I have finished the rest of the chapters.

But I am sure I will have another barrage of emails telling me to publish them straight away.

Right now though I am cooking my dinner and then going to spend some quality time with the Beagle on the sofa watching some TV and relaxing.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me to say they are looking forward to the next chapters, you don't know how much that means to me!