Can't they do something useful?

Last night I went out for a few drinks with some friends on Oxford Street.

It's a pretty rare thing for me to do this, et alone on a school night but I digress really.

During the night I could see out the window that for virtually the entire hour and a half I was out there were a dozen uniformed police with sniffer dogs going up and down Oxford street harassing and intimidating people.

It's a Thursday night, not particularly busy and at times the Police way outnumbered the people on the street.

I just don't get this.

We have such a problem with crime in the area, cars are constantly being broken into, as are houses. Gay Bashings occur on a pretty regular basis in the area and the Police claim they don't have the resources to stop these things nor follow up on these things.

But it would seem that the NSW Police Department does have the resources to patrol a strip between Crown and Riley street for at least two hours with a dozen Police and sniffer dogs.

What is that?

I reckon the NSW Government and the Police Department have their priorities seriously wrong.

I live in this area and I know the crime that goes on, it's generally not on the main strip it's in the back lanes and side streets, it's where young kids walk by and smash the windows of cars before rifling through them and then WALKING not running WALKING off.

I have even seen some kid do that from my balcony, so I rang the Police and told the that a kid had just put a brick through a car and was rifling through the belongings.

The response was less than stellar, the response time was about 20 minutes later even though the Police station is less then a 3 minute walk away.

The kid was still walking down the street and I had given a clear and concise description of him and could still see him.

It's not just an isolated event either, more than once we have called the Police to report louts throwing bottles at the walls of our building.

The Police approach is not to catch the buggers, no way that might create paperwork.

Instead they cruise by ten or fifteen minutes later and make them disperse.

And we end up footing the cost of the graffiti removal and fixing the damage caused.

I simply do not get it.

The media is constantly told that the Police are understaffed and they don't actually seem to be actually catching the graffiti artists, kids breaking in etc, no instead they send a dozen cops on a quiet Thursday night to harass anyone who walks up and down Oxford Street.

The priorites are all screwed up, if they have the resources to fund a dozen Police at night then let them be there on a Friday and Saturday night patrolling the back lanes and side streets and stopping the actual crime.

But politically it's far better for the Government to say they are tough on drugs and show this huge show of force, whilst actually achieving nothing.