Flat day for hump day

I am having a very flat day for the middle of the week.

The beagle has a new habit of waking us up at about 5AM by coming into our bed and licking our faces to get attention.

At first I thought she needed to go outside to the toilet but I suspect that she has just decided she wants some attention and if she is awake we should be awake.

So after a few nights of restless sleep and being woken up at odd hours, coupled with a lot of work and stress running the business I am feeling quite flat.

At the moment all I can think about is having a nice relaxing holiday somewhere warm for a few days without my mobile phone and limited computer access.

It's interesting one of the down sides of having staff is you have to lead by example and work longer and harder than they do.

So even though today I feel like taking the afternoon off I can't.

So instead I will work at half pace and get things done but have to really summon every ounce of concentration to do so.