Gym Slog

It's been tough getting back to the gym after such a long time away and trying to juggle work with working out.

My trainer has put me on a very hard and arduous program designed to help me quickly get back in shape. The workout however is quite torturous and about a third of the way through the workout I am feeling exhausted, not to mention that by the time I finish the workout I can barely feel the body parts I am supposed to be working out.

It is the Dance party Season coming up in about 6 - 7 weeks and although I am not specifically working out for this it is a good milestone to be working towards.

I haven't yet got my eating under control yet and I am not eating as much as I should be or the things I should be eating.

Unlike the boy when I do workout I get both the physical and mental benefits of feeling good, I suppose it's those endorphins that are created after the workout.

Mind you half the time I am at the gym all I want to do is finish and get out of there.

I am not really the type of person who stares endlessly in the mirror at themselves or specific body parts.

As a teenager growing up with quite bad cystic acne I learnt to not look at these sorts of things because there was very little I could do to fix or stop it.

Working out is different I suppose you are doing something that will result in a change to your body shape, but it's so slow that unless you take photos, do DXA scans etc along the way it's difficult to gauge your own progress.

This time around though the main indicator of my fitness and results is going to be two things:

1) Body Composition by the DXA scan
2) Resting Heart rate and recovery time.

Neither of these are subjective or open to interpretation and I like that!