The Mainstream media says Oxford street has now turned Straight

You know it's a trend when two mainstream newspapers on the same day say that Oxford Street has gone straight.

According to an editorial in the Daily Telegraph (yes I do read it) Oxford Street is officially the playground of the heterosexuals who came because it was cool and Gay and have now taking over.

The nail in the coffin is the Wet T Shirt competition now held at the Gaff Hotel which is a well known backpacker haunt.

I haven't walked down Oxford street late at night for a while apart from a quick jaunt between home and the Shift NIghtclub a few months back. The last time I did walk from Taylor square down I would have been hard pressed to actually see any gay guys.

The streets were simply overrun by bogan girls schreeching and their scary boyfriends.

There are many reasons suggested why Oxford street has lost it's pink glow, from the violence that against gays, indifference of the gay community and money from the straight drinkers.

I have always believed we need a gay mecca and it has almost totally slipped away now.

Am I just being old fashioned in wanting an area which is predominantly gay?

Are mixed clubs or straight clubs and pubs with a minor gay clientele the way forward?

I don't now anymore I really don't.