Why have I been so quiet?

I have barely posted the last couple of weeks, not for lack of things to say though

I have been working like an army of ants over a carcass in the bush LOL

AND I am back at the gym properly which is almost killing me.
My new gym routine is designed to kill me sorry get me back into shape quickly, with nasty supersets, drop sets and all round exhaustion inducing nausea.

I am really struggling with trying to juggle work, life ad working out right now, and also trying to eat more as well as I have stopped eating properly the last few months.

I did do a DXA scan over at Body Composition Australia last week so I could get a starting point of where my body was up to.

I was relatively surprised by the results.

I have only lost about 1 kg of mass, of which about half was muscle and half was fat.

My fat percentage is down around 15% which is about .5 % of what it was the last time I was working out ad eating properly.

My fitness levels though are totally dismal and it's going to be a hard few weeks / months just getting on top of that.

Coupled with the total metal and physical exhaustive work schedule I constantly ask myself do other people work this hard or this intensely?

Some really interesting opportunities have come up at work this week which will hopefully give me some more media exposure for the business, although with this comes more work, so it's a double edged sword really.

But I have my eye on the prize so to speak and new long term (or just re-defined) goals to achieve. So I need to put in the hard yards to build on what I have been doing already to building those steps up to the goal.

My God I just re-read that and it sounds so Anthony Robbins LOL!

Anyway back to work I go!