Media Consolidation

As I become more of the borg and integrate more with Steve Jobs new world order - Read: become an Apple aficionado, I have decided to convert all of our video files of movies, TV shows etc to use through iTunes.

I have limited success with getting the Apple Remote working with the main media centre PC, it works sometimes then it drops off, but I have worked a 'work around' for this, I just reboot the router and it all seems to work then.

As much as I would like a Mac Mini for the main media centre for the time being I will keep the old Dell PC running to save costs.

My issue has been that avi, wmv video files can't be imported into iTunes, which means that I don't have full control of my media from the one easy to use interface.

So for the last couple of days I have been Googling all sorts of weird and wonderful solutions to convert these files to something that I can import easily into iTunes.

You just would not believe the trouble I have had on this issue, I have trialed Shareware and freeware and at first thought I was onto something with a freeware product called Handbrake.

But it took as long to convert one movie as it would take to watch it! Not to mention it was not particularly easy to batch process the videos I have.

Finally I stumbled across iSquint a cute little video conversion tool for the MAC.

So far so good, I have done a couple of test conversions and all seems cool, the quality has stayed the same, the average 2 hour video took about 15 - 20 minutes to convert.

And even better than that it batch processes the videos!

I said to the boy last night as I was trying to find something to do this that it was bloody difficult to find the right application and most non technical minded people would have just given up.

So there we go I will be converting video for the next week I would say based on the size of my library.

But then at the end of it it will all be iTunes enabled yippeeeee!

And I will be finally wittling down the good old video library and getting rid of stuff that I have not watched and will never watch either.