The quiet weekend

I had one of those sorts of weekends where I wanted to be a social outcast.

I didn't really want to be social, see people or even leave the apartment, no I am not depressed, anxious or agoraphobic. I just enjoyed doing very little.

It's not to say that I have not been out on the weekend or done things, quite the opposite, there have still be dinner with friends, shopping trips and other bits and pieces.

I have just been enjoying doing not much after a year of doing so much especially working so much on weekends.

Instead I have been watching movies like The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, Latter Days, Like it is, Beautiful Thing, Get Real and Eating Out Sloppy Seconds.

All good old gay themed movies.

The media conversion is still ongoing and I am also trying to consolidate all the music we have on our media center, deleting duplicates, creating playlists and cataloguing the genres etc.

I am still battling the issue with the iPhone Remote which works if I reboot the router every time I use it which is a bloody pain in the butt, but when it does work it works fantastically.

I even managed to do some cleaning up of things around the apartment that I have been meaning to do for a while because we have guests staying with us from Friday for the Sleaze Ball dance parties weekend.

This week will be pretty hectic for me, I have a lot of clients to 'go live' and some decisions to make about staffing etc.

We also finished the re-branding phase one of one of our products and we now have to integrate the new brand into the product which will take a lot of effort to get right.

So week here we come!