Is anyone else exhausted?

I don't know about you but I am exhausted at the moment.

hours and hours of detailed concentration at work every day (and some nights), work on the weekends and the stress of my mother have all made me pretty exhausted.

I haven't had the energy or the motivation to get back to the gym. I know that if I do go I will feel better, but it's getting that initial motivation to get to the gym. At the moment it's just not happening!

On the upside I am able to concentrate again at work and buckle down and get loads and loads done, but by 9 O'clock at night all I want to do is just collapse on the sofa with a Vodka and watch mindless TV.

It might just be me getting old LOL

Or it might just be that I have a lot on my plate.

On other good news a friend from the States is coming over to stay with us in late December, I love spending time with my international friends and am very excited!