You know it's the Sleaze weekend when...

You see bright orange gay boys walking down Oxford Street

People are wearing less and less even in the pouring rain

There are people singing and dancing to Britney in the street (even though there is no music)

The week before the gym is packed with people you have never actually seen before and it takes forever to get on to any of the machines

People are still walking up and down the strip still in the same clothes they started out on Saturday evening (it's Tuesday now)

Seriously though the long weekend was a blast and Pool Party at the Ivy would have been spectacular if it wasn't for the rain.

The Ivy is a great venue and I really enjoyed it for the very first time! One thing I have realised is the whole Fag Tag concept of moving around to new venues is a really great idea, otherwise I would never experience some of these great places!

I was pretty disappointed by Sleaze, the production values, sound and lighting was nowhere near as fantastic as past parties, I still think New Mardi Gras has to do better for their parties and not just compete on their longevity and name.

Still I did have fun!