The assimilation is almost complete

I have almost been totally assimilated now into the world of Apple.

To the point that Gus was disgusted by just how much I am towing the Apple line hehehehe.

Seriously though I wanted a really simple solution for all of our video, music, images and stuff and I have found it!

After my post the other day I did get cracking and finished sorting through all the different 'backups' (dumped folders on multiple hard drives) with content.

One of the biggest problems with 'backing up' is that you often do a backup and forget what's on where.

I found old digital photos, TV Shows and all sorts of stuff.

I am inveterate collector of digital 'stuff', the when I was a member of Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher I think I downloaded every single video they ever made, and of course I kept them.

I still can't decide whether to convert the porn over to the Apple format, I am not sure that I want it that accessible LOL, imagine if a relative was over and was looking at movies to watch and came across thousands of videos of boys butt fucking?

Nor am I even sure that I want / need to keep it either!

Seriously though, after the conversion of the media which has pretty much been done I had to catalogue it all through itunes, pretty easy, but sometimes I have no idea what category to give some things.

I did come across one funny category that a mate had obviously set on our iTunes for me:

Old Poofter Music

Yep that sums up some of my 70's disco classics and I am proud of it!