Political Rhetoric

One of the things I find very tiresome (apart from fat women wearing see through pants and a G String underneath), is political rhetoric.

You know the kind of stuff that the opposition party accuses the government of, like money for health care or money for roads etc.

It's all very well to say that if you were in power you would do this or that, but without having to actually do anything, it's all just political rhetoric.

Two pieces of rhetoric have really irked me of late.

The first was by Barry O'Farell the NSW Leader of the Opposition discussing levels of nursing in the public hospital system and saying that his government would fix the problem, without actually giving an explanation of how

The second has been the incredible political rhetoric against the US Health Reforms, like WTF Death panels to decide who lives and dies?

Forgive me if I am wrong but I was under the impression that currently in the states if you didn't have health insurance you were unlikely to get treatment for illness unless you coughed up big time.

And sometimes even if you did have health insurance the insurer denies the claim for some treatments - even if they may save your life

It's all just ridiculous political rhetoric and it tends to drive me up the wall!