Shiny New Toys!

I have almost totally assimilated with the MAC universe now my new Apple TV and Airport Extreme are all working beautifully.

I must admit there were a few technical issues along the way but they were minor.

The Apple TV synced with my iTunes on the old media server perfectly and Apple TV is so much easier to use than a freaking Windows XP box with a keyboard and the media cabinet no longer sounds like a jet is taking off in there.

I installed the ATV Boxee application which was a bit of a problem at first, my Apple TV decided to update itself to version 3 and I had to hunt around on the Internet to install the new launcher (your SSH in to the Apple TV).

Then every time I browsed for media Boxee would crash, but a quick internet search suggested turning off media thumbnails, that done and it worked like a charm.

We watched one of our iTunes purchased HD movies last night on the Apple TV and the quality of the picture (HDMI) and optical audio input was superb.

The one issue that I had which was perplexing at first but then once I discovered what I had done was just plain stupidity on my part, was my spotty wireless access to the new Airport Extreme from my Mac.

Stupidly I had plugged the cable from our existing router into an ethernet port of the base station and not the WAN port.

It all still worked but I was getting variable internet connectivity.

But once I 'read the fucking manual' that was all fixed.

I also set up my Time capsule so it is 'network' attached to the base station through a powered USB hub, I have to say knowing my MAC is automatically being backed up and I don't have to remember to plug the USB hard drive in is very cool.

I am yet to plug any other USB drives into the base station, as I have pretty much decided that the old dell is fine for a while to be on and act as a file server for the iTunes while I work out the best storage solutions for us.

I reckon though in time I will probably leave once USB hard drive in the Dell and then attach the rest to the powered hub.

I did a few tests of copying files from my Mac to the USB drives, and the base station connected ones worked better.

The last thing I need to do is download a web browser for the Apple TV because we do search the web sometimes.

Oh and I have to decide whether I will run speaker cable to the roof or get an airport express and do it wirelessly.

But so far I am in love with my nice new shiny apple toys!