Update on the move to the light side

So it's been a week and a half since my new Apple TV arrived in the apartment and I have spent allot of time playing with and getting used to it.

I have to say I totally love it!

It is so much easier to use than anything else I have used before and it all just works so well.

There have been a few small hiccups, I woke up on Friday morning and discovered that all my movies and music had disappeared.

A quick google search found that the software update version 3.0 had a bug, but not to fear version 3.1 was available and easily done.

This did however delete the hack that I installed for Boxee, but in retrospect I had only used Boxee once.

After playing with the current network setup and having used both the normal Apple TV interface and the Boxee interface I had pretty much come to conclusion that Boxee was annoying.

Initially I was going to use Boxee for all the media that I had not converted to iTunes format and stream from the network.

But after using it for a while I came the quick realisation that it is easier just to convert the rest of the TV shows and other media to iTunes compatible MP4 and just be done with it.

Now that the old Dell box is just a box which runs the master iTunes which I synch the Apple Tv to it seemed silly not to just have that on all the time and Network attach the USB drives on to the Airpot Extreme anyway.

I also found a simple Microsoft app for remote desktop of the XP machine from my MAC so I can add stuff to iTunes create my playlists etc.

I am going through the process of converting the rest of our media collection and cataloguing it all onto iTunes so it can all stream and be accessible through the simple interface.

There are rumors of a new Apple TV next year with a larger hard drive, but based on the ease of using the old windows XP as simple an iTunes server with all the media Network attached it doesn't really seem to make sense anyway.

The only thing that I really really want is a web browser on the Apple TV and the ability to be able to have other 'apps' on the device, but I dare-say in a future version of iTunes and Apple TV software upgrades these will most likely be included.

So for just over $500 in total I have a great network which is lightening fast, a Time machine network attached for my Mac backups, a great easy to use media centre and excellent Network Attached storage for home.