An Aquarium?

A friend is 'downsizing' and wanted to get rid of his small aquarium over the weekend so I immediately put my hand up to swap the aquarium for a bottle of sparkling shiraz.

Now I must admit I know virtually nothing about fish, aquariums or aquaculture.

Actually let me rephrase that I do know nothing.

I have always wanted an aquarium but the closest I came was a Siamese Fighting Fish a couple of years ago we called blinky, but blinky died and we wended up with the beagle LOL.

I am busy doing as much research as I can on salt water aquariums at the moment (well as much time as I have anyway).

I am in no real hurry to get the thing set up and done, I want to do it right, and since the first step of cycling the aquarium with Live Rock can take 4 weeks or even longer of not done right I want to get it right.

In my mind I have a vision of a set up like the one above, but I can count up to 6 invertebrates and that could be a huge undertaking.

I think at the moment my vision is for one sea anemone, two clown fish and some complementary small fish / snails etc.

With some nice aqua scaping and live rock formation I think I could do it.

This will take me a while but I will take pictures and periodically post them as I go along!