Christmas and holidays

I am happy that the main part of Christmas is now over, it was a huge undertaking having both our families over for lunch with all the trimmings.

By the time everyone left I was bloody exhausted from the preparation and actual day.

I have been pretty well behaved the last couple of days and have done virtually no work, instead reading on my new Kindle, reading news and tech articles that I have missed and continuing on converting the media collection.

I am loving the Kindle it is so easy to use and reading is pretty much exactly the same as a normal book.

I have worked out that it's easier (far easier) to search and look for books on the Amazon website rather than using the store on the Kindle.

I intend to keep the low key not do much for the next couple of days, I do find it very difficult to stop my brain from working and even though I am not putting words to paper (or screen) for work I am thinking and rethinking about next year and also reviewing the last year work wise.

It's a curse that I can't stop my mind whirring away but at the same time when I do stop like this and I don't have large deliverables it does allow me to think about some goals, problems and solutions in quite new light.

I saw the picture above on GWIP and I just loved it!