The quirks of online advertising

I was reading a right wing news article on the DC Gay Marriage vote this morning and apart from laughing at the:

impose a measure that will damage the most vulnerable in the city

Not really sure who the most vulnerable are that will be damaged by allowing same sex marriage, but I digress.

The banner advertising on the site is served up based on the demographics of the readers right?

This makes advertising somewhat relevant to the readers.

So from this I can surmise that the readers are overweight women with bad teeth.

There were no fewer than 5 advertisments aimed at women to lose their belly fat, and two advertisements for making grotty disgusting teeth white again.

But even funnier than that Google's own ad servers also included a link for Gay and Lesbian Immigration Services.

Oh the irony!

So after the major market of fat ugly women who are 'concerned' that 'the gays' are going to ruin their lives, we have gay men looking to settle in America.

I love irony!

I truly do.