My mind is elsewhere...

Even though it's barely past the middle of January, tomorrow will be the end of the third week back at work.

It's been both slow and busy the last three months, slow because a lot of clients have still been on holidays and or not really doing much.

Busy because we have some large projects which are ongoing that have taken up a huge amount of my time and focus.

But I am finding my mind wandering to this resort.

The Hualalai Four Seasons Kona on the big Island of Hawaii.

We went there a couple of years ago and I have to say that all in all it is the best resort I have ever been to, it shits all over Hayman Island which we have been to several times.

Everything is just so perfectly done and the setting and service is just superb.

I could really do with a week away in a place like this lazing around the pool, reading, swimming and eating.

Unfortunately there are no major holiday plans for us this year, we are tightening our belts to pay more of the mortgage off as quickly as we can and certainly reigning in our spending habits of massive holidays past.

The last time we stayed in Hawaii it was a work related 'holiday' so someone else paid the almost $1000 USD a night not us.

Maybe a board meeting of my company needs to happen in Hawaii...