Closing Arguments on Prop 8 Trial

It's enlightening reading the comments in the mainstream media about Perry vs Szwharzanegger. The very argument against Proposition 8 is that it is just based on animus (a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility).

The drivel people come up with that same sex marriage will end civilisation or will cause the church to fail etc is just that drivel. But it also supports the key argument that people voted for Proposition 8 because of animus.

There is also such a lack of understanding of same sex marriage and what marriage actually is. So many people seem to think that marriage is religious, and a change would force churches to marry gay people.

It's nothing to do with religion, marriage is a legal contract between two people, some people get married in a church and some do not.

It is truly breathtakingly scary just how stupid and misguided so many people are

Today has seen the closing arguments for the trial and we will have to wait a while to find out what the Judge decides.

Either way this is most likely the case that will end up in the Supreme Court, win or lose, both sides will appeal.

This is history folks!