Ackward Conversation of the weekend

Late last week it was my Birthday and what do you do when it's your Birthday weekend?

You throw a party and invite all of your friends to come and celebrate with you.

We had a blast starting off at our place and then moving to one of the newly 'gay' clubs on Oxford street. I say 'new' because it's one of the old straight clubs that has now been taken over by the gays.

Apart from having an amazing time with all of our friends we ended up at a day club the next day for a few hours and as is my usual personality type I end up talking with everyone, and I seriously mean everyone.

One young guy a mate and I started to chat with was well and truly hammered and gone.

The conversation was just one of the funniest and weird I have ever had in a club.

At first glance from a distance this guy looked cute and the mate I was with was pretty keen on him. But that soon stopped....

Me: How are you going?

Him: Yeah

Me: Having a good night?

Him: Haven't had sex in three months

Me: Um why?

Him: looks around a bit and says. My girlfiend's in jail

Me: Right, why?

Him: Oh it was some shit that caught up with the bitch before I met her

Me: OK, you do realise this is a gay bar (he looked really straight and smashed and we wouldn't have been surprised if he had no idea)

Him: Yeah, I've just got out of jail

Me: Um Why? (at this point I was wondering what jail had to do with being in a gay bar, was he looking to roll some gay guy for their wallet?)

Him: Armed Robbery, I held up a 711 with a gun

Me: Ok, (moving away slightly) what happened

Him: Armed Robbery I was high and I pulled a gun on the guy behind the counter cause I was high

Me: On Meth? (I was getting very nervous by now)

Him: Nah heroin, the fucker locked the door and wouldn't let me out so I head butted to glass door until I passed out while he waited for the police

Me: Wow that's um ..... You don't have a gun now do you? (I was really nervous now)

Him: Nah, I spent two months in jail (suprised that he only spent two months in jail for armed robbery)

Me: When did you get out?

Him: Friday

Me: And you came to a gay bar?

Him: I got raped by four guys within two hours and had to have 6 stitches, I think I like guys

Me: Oh look my friends are calling me

And then I ran off as fast as I could.

Apart from the fact that he was totally smashed beyond belief, the whole episode reminded me of just how lucky on life we have been. Reading through the lines you could tell he most likely had a totally screwed up life, probably bad home environment when he was younger and a lack of good school and parental influences

It just reminds you how so lucky you are to have grown up with parents who cared and had positive role models for your life.

Not to mention the ability to be ok with your sexuality and work your way through it.

I saw this guys several times talking to different people during the rest of the morning and every time I saw him I was still shocked.