In Looking for Inspiration and Motivation

In my new motivated state to get back to the gym and take control again of my body I found a great blog a couple of weeks back Super Size Chris.

Chris's blog is chronicling his getting back into fitness and putting on muscle mass and definition.

It's been a really interesting and motivating read let me tell you!

From the picture below you can see how he started out back in December of last year. Let's face it, he had a good foundation to start with and was certainly very lean (and rather cute too :).

But now almost seven months later the fruits of his efforts are very definitely showing!

He looks bloody hot if you ask me!

The point of this apart from offering up some hot eye candy is this part of my inspiration to get back to the gym.

It really helps knowing that gains and changes can be made to the way your body looks.

Also reading through his journey it has helped me identify some of the things that I am putting into place.

The last time I was seriously training was well over a year and half ago and I had a trainer once a week.

For six months I was doing split routines, and although I was maintaining a lean body I didn't really see the results I wanted to see.

I think this was due to a number of factors:
I think moving forward with my workouts I am going to do a general workout of exercises of two body parts each workout with abs and warm up extra.

Sort of like:

Shoulders x 2
Back x 2
Chest x 2
Legs x 2
Biceps & Triceps alternate between workout

And work it up to four workouts a week with an additional interval training cardio session if I get the time.

Each workout will use different exercises for the different body parts so I am not doing the same exercise each workout.

But for the next couple of weeks I am happy to just test the waters so to speak giving my body a chance to get back into working out and finding what my muscles can handle.

It's been a big shock to my system the first few times and I have had to start all the way down the bottom of the weights again, but I dare say within a few weeks will know what my muscles can and cannot handle.

So I am off to the gym again tonight and will do my first overall workout I think most likely:

10 minute cardio warm up

Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Lat Pull Down
Cable Pull
Bench Press
Decline Dumbells
Lying Down leg Curl
Bicep Curl

or at least 8 of the above anyway.