Legs sore

I pulled myself to the gym last night and did the nearly unthinkable - a legs workout!

I hate doing legs workouts more than anything else, but I did a 5 exercise leg workout and then abs routine.

So now I hurt all over!


I am going to get one more workout on this week and I will have reached my mini goal of actually going to the gym three times this week.

Next week will be tougher as we have a party planned this weekend and I know any gym workouts next week will be either a total wimp out or a total lack of motivation.

But my aim is still to go the gym three times a week for the rest of the month.

It's sort of like a light getting back to the routine first and then I am going to start putting some proper thought and strategy into the gym.

The stunning picture is of the Fitness Model and Trainer David Rich, go visit his site for tips and very nice eye candy!