Some Supplements

In all my reading, listening and being told what to take over the last couple of months I have added some supplements to my diet.

In particular after reading The Healthy Boy Blog I started taking Silica a few months back for my hair and skin, and let me say the difference in both has been noticeable.

In addition to the Silica I have also been taking Evening Primrose oil and that in conjunction with the silica has really helped sooth and smooth my skin.

A friend also suggested I take fish oil to help lubricate all the old joints and help protect the good old heart.

That's one of those supplements that has no discernible effect but if it helps reduce cholesterol from eating badly then so be it.

Once I have got through my 'getting back to the gym routine', I will start taking some specific supplements again for muscle growth.

I really like the NoXplode Creatine and take it before going to the gym currently, but I will soon start loading on creatine every day when I am back to full workouts.

My previous gym trainer used to get me to take a good whey protein and waxy maize to help the muscle growth and recovery and I will start this again too.

With my desire to give up smoking in the coming weeks I know I will be eating more and more so I will have to be careful what I eat, although I think when I initially give up I will let myself eat anything I want so I have a better chance of succeeding.

The other two supplements I am thinking of taking are Glutamine and Tribulus.

Tribulus is a supplement which helps increase your natural testosterone and is good apparently for building muscle mass.

I must say with what I take now it's bloody hard enough to shovel down the fish oil, evening primrose and silica and still eat!